Thursday, June 6, 2013

"America's Silent Threat."

Part I
by Nicholas J. Vocca

Paul David Gaubatz, a U.S. State Department-trained Arabic linguist and former U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations officer with 24-years of Federal Service, has made known some startling claims how America's own military may be training radical Islamic cell members at domestic military bases across the land. 

Named the "Terrorist Hunter," Mister Gaubatz, who was the first U.S. Federal Agent to Iraq in 2003, has worked diligently to expose Islamic-based terrorists and their supporters by releasing the information he collects to law enforcement and the public, with claims how the military and some federal or state law enforcement agencies have millions of files on radical Islamic operatives in America that they will not release to the public.

In his book, Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that's Conspiring to Islamize America, which he co-authored with investigative journalist and Hoover Institute fellow Perry Speer, Mister Gaubatz reports that U.S. military bases have programs that bring citizens and scientists from Islamic-based countries to America for training on many of our weapons systems, and some of our nation's most highly-guarded technology systems.

He furthers how our military also brings military personnel from the same countries to train on our various assortment of sophisticated aircraft; training which includes learning how to fly these aircraft.

"Many of these foreigners disappear into the underground 'Islamic Sleeper Cells' throughout America," he said.  "This must stop.  Kirkland AFB, NM, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, and Lackland AFB, TX, are some of the three top offenders."

Gaubatz reports that "thousands" of these individuals are receiving such training at U.S. bases and how, as a Special Agent for the Air Force, there were continuous open cases on these foreign citizens who unexpectedly left military installations and "disappeared into unknown areas of America" as members of underground sleeper cells.

Because these people are trained on our weapons systems and in other military issues, their disappearances pose a great threat to our way of life; especially our peace and security.

Stressing that Islamic sleeper cells generate from the disappearances of these missing military foreign nationals, some who are scientists working alongside highly-prized U.S. scientists, Gaubatz states that intelligence officers and law enforcement "could prevent another attack" if they were to "track down" these people, but added that the U.S. military does not like to report to the public or our political leaders the disappearances of those under their control.

"Islamic-based countries are not the friends of America.  Their words, not mine," Gaubatz concludes.

As for other sleeper cell terrorists who are infiltrating America at a fairly steady rate from Canada and Mexico, a look at our nation's long, porous borders, may reveal the ease these people have in gaining undetected access to join their peers already long-established here.

With our Canadian border stretching nearly 4,000-miles, and our Mexican border being about one-half that stretch, it is more a hit and miss game for America's vastly understaffed and under-equipped Border Patrol to discover and apprehend such infiltrators, unless they are spotted from the air, and agents can be dispatched in adequate time to take them into custody.

Couple these factors, along with how most stretches of our borders are unpopulated, and it is realistic to say that there is no viable way of determining the precise number of illegal aliens from Islamic-based terror groups who are here.

Likewise, it is just as complicated to pinpoint these extremists because they flock to ethnic communities where they live orderly and quiet lives by doing as the Romans do when in Rome.

Under the guise of being average, everyday individuals, they also mingle among us secure in the knowledge that they are presumed innocent, and that they have the same extensive legal rights and civil liberties granted to all of us under U.S. law.

If it is frightening to think that these aggressors have long ago blended in with us, and that they continue to, consider what will happen when they are given the final order to carry out attacks which will dwarf 9/11, as they have promised and are committed to do?

Editorial Comment - The assertion there are Islamic Terrorists not connected to and funded by the CIA should be examined.  Beginning in the immediate aftermath of WWII the CIA was given unlimited funding for covert operations and their cooperative relationship with what Eisenhower called the Military Industrial Complex went into fast forward.  Today, it is estimated there are over 10,000 covert operations funded from this unaccounted stream of income by American Taxpayers, many of these within the U. S.  See Drones, the Final Weapon for the Military Industrial Complex, scroll down to The Power of Nightmares.   Google "Blow Back."

My friend, Arthur Prager served in the OSS and watched the CIA in action, reporting to me some years ago the enormity of the operation.  For example, where Taiwan would have one operative from the British and two from France the CIA had 1,500 active agents.  


 "A Terrible Mistake, The Murder of Frank Olson," by Hank Arbarelli - Early covert ops by the CIA in their experiments on such projects as LSD. 

"The Prize, The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power," by Daniel Yergin. Below is an eight part YouTube on this definitive treatment of the rise of oil and the world created with crossover points to the CIA.  


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