Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 10th Response to Robertson Letter - Mr. Robert Malinowski

Letter from Robertson Dated October 5th

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Tom Robertson
Protect Your Vote-Vote No on County Charter
6386 S. Ridge Road West
Geneva, Ohio 44041

Dear Mr. Robertson,

We received your certified letter yesterday regarding a public forum (debate) at A Tech for Monday, October 14th or Wednesday, October 16th. After conferring with the petition committee members on those dates I regretfully inform you that we have prior commitments on these dates as well.

The Committee for a New Ashtabula understands the importance of the charter to the people of Ashtabula County. We have spoken to well over 100 groups and organizations over the last three months answering questions about the charter. We have had a “forum” with your committee hosted by the League of Woman Voters at the Nursing home in Jefferson a few weeks ago. We have another scheduled for Thursday, October 17th with the Ashtabula County Township Association facilitated by the League of Woman Voters. We have another for Monday, October 21st in Rome Twp., and yet another with your Political Action Committee for October 24th in Andover and both are conducted by the Ashtabula Counties Chambers of Commerce.

I can't help but feel that getting sent certified mail from your PAC group and copying the letter to the press is nothing more than a political attempt at grandstanding. Because of your actions we must respond in kind. My phone number is in the phone book. I am easy to find and am very open to talking about the charter with anyone. Scheduling these type of events typically occurs in July or August before the dates get booked up. Until recently we have not had any contact with your group. Perhaps your fellow opponents or yourself should contact us in that time frame. Instead at that time they were more interested in legal hair-splitting in an attempt to deny the people of their constitutional right to even vote on the issue.

Our group is comprised mainly of ordinary citizens from all walks of life who feel that our current government has let the people of our county down and feel the charter will get our great county moving again and give them a greater voice in the operations of government and their futures. They do not have time for this type of political gamesmanship. Your PAC is comprised mainly of former and current elected officials hiding behind the name of the PAC. Commissioner Peggy Carlo called me to set up the last failed forum at A Tech. Commissioner Dan Claypool filed the paperwork for the PAC you are the Treasurer of. County Recorder Barb Schaab was the contact for your PAC with regards to our last forum in Jefferson.

I am writing this to inform the media and the people of this county that the organized effort against this charter is coming right from the County Seat. If they are opposed to this charter they should come out openly against it and quit playing games. The people of this county are sick of partisan politics. They deserve better.


Robert Malinowski

CC: The Star Beacon
The Gazette Newspapers
Fran Hanselman
Dan Claypool
Peggy Carlo
George Distel
Rodger Corlett

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