Sunday, December 14, 2014

Solutions for Towns Hit by Toxic Waste Events - Mayflower

Jan Schlichtmann, the attorney whose story was told in the best seller and movie, "A Civil Action," discusses options for towns faced with Toxic Waste Events growing more common today.  Hosting the event is Geologist and Environmental Consultant, David Lincoln  as the two talk about Exxon's response after the spill (highlighting the inadequate and wrongful actions).  Learn about  Qualified Settlement Trust Fund and what they can do to save your town, neighborhood, and family. 

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More on Qualified Settlement Trust Funds and other tools to help your community recover.  

Most people want to see the right thing done by their neighbors.  So do we. 

We are using a Qualified Settlement Trust (468B), to organize and strengthen our negotiating position, allowing for a negotiated settlement which will act in the best interests of ALL PARTIES.  This provides transparency, with direct court supervision, allowing for costs to be paid before final settlement and, finally, provides individual flexibility within an umbrella trust.

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Qualified Settlement Funds: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

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