Thursday, March 27, 2014

Appointments to Ashtabula County Transport, by Resolution


The Board of County Commissioners of Ashtabula County, Ohio, met on the 11th day of February,
2014, in regular session at the offices of said Board in the Old Courthouse Building, 2nd Floor, Jefferson,
Ohio, with the following members present: Daniel R. Claypool, Peggy A. Carlo, Joseph A. Moroski.
WHEREAS, In December, 1986 the Board of Commissioners created the Ashtabula County
Transportation System Advisory Board to advise the System on meeting the transportation needs of the
residents of Ashtabula County; and
WHEREAS, on August 19, 2008, by Res. No. 2008-287, the by-laws were amended and the
name changed to the Ashtabula County Transportation System Advisory Committee; and
WHEREAS, The terms of the members are set at three (3) years; and
WHEREAS, the following is a list of new appointments:
Miriam Walton replacing Mardona Treen eff. Immediately terminating 12/31/2016
Judith Barris replacing Lynn Frank eff. Immediately terminating 12/31/2016
Diana Dickson Sowry replacing Julius Petro eff. Immediately terminating 12/31/2016
Joseph Petros Jr. replacing Raymond Stoup eff. Immediately terminating 12/31/2015
; now
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, By the Board of Commissioners of Ashtabula County, Ohio,
that the new appointments be accepted to the Ashtabula County Transportation System Advisory
Committee as outlined above.
MOTION: Carlo moved the adoption, Moroski seconded. DISCUSSION:None
VOTE: Yeas: Carlo, Claypool, Moroski Nays: None Abstained: None Absent:
Whereupon the resolution was declared passed unanimously

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