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BREAKING: Tar sands oil spills into Lake Michigan by BP

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BREAKING: Tar sands oil spills into Lake Michigan by BP
Reports are coming in that a little over 500 gallons of oil has spilled into Lake Michigan from the BP Whiting refinery, which just went under massive upgrades to take on tar sands crude from Alberta Canada. This refinery and the tar sands upgrades have already caused major health effects in the nearby communities because of pollution and massive petcoke piles that continue to pop up near the refineries and Lake Michigan.
Reuters reports:
A malfunction at BP’s Whiting, Indiana, refinery caused an oil spill into Lake Michigan on Tuesday morning, according to a report on The Times of Northwest Indiana website.
The incident was discovered at 4:30 p.m. Monday, according to the report that quoted company spokesman Scott Dean.Dean told the paper BP was not yet know the amount of oil discharged into the lake due to the disruption in the processing unit at the refinery.
The refinery has a capacity of 405,000 barrels per day.
You can see footage of the clean-up from NBC Chicago


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