Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ohio Shale Well Leaks Drilling Fluid Into Creek In Morgan County

From:  HuffPost 


A service rig, referred to as a 'one armed bandit', drills for oil at Kilbarger Construction Inc.'s site in Knox County, Ohio, U.S., on Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013. Photographer: Ty Wright/Bloomberg via Getty Images
MCCONNELSVILLE, Ohio (AP) — State and federal teams are still cleaning up after a shale well being drilled for fracking in southeast Ohio began leaking and the oily fluid ran into a nearby creek.

The leak from the well in Morgan County was discovered Sunday when the lubrication fluid, commonly called mud, began spilling over from the drill site. Officials said it was contained Wednesday.

Seven residents were evacuated because of the danger that escaping natural gas might lead to an explosion.
The well's owner, PDC Energy of Colorado, said 100 barrels of drilling mud spilled from the well, and some of it reached an unnamed creek. Environmental officials said it could be harmful to marine life.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says such incidents are rare.  MORE

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