Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Primary Approaches and Letters Fly

On Matt Lynch from Monique L.

Comments from Monique, below, are in response to  this graphic - 

I wish I knew how to rotate this image, sorry for the inconvenience.  It was in my mailbox yesterday, you probably received one too - more outright lies and misleading statements put out by LaTourette and his gang we want to keep our political position "Defending Main Street Super Pac"
As I wrote before, Main Street Super Pac donors are primarily large corporations. A small fraction are labor unions. For more see:

This group is desperate to mislead by telling anyone who will listen that Matt Lynch voted against the bill for balancing the State Budget.  FACT: THAT BUDGET INCREASED SPENDING BY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND RAISED SALES TAX AND REAL ESTATE TAX  so YES, he voted against that tax and spend budget. 

When it came to Medicaid expansion - the republican controlled legislature represented their constituents and voted against it - Kasich decided to implement it ANYWAY - he got around this in the following shady way - There is an Administrative Board called the Controlling Board which has authority to allocate funds that come to the treasury AFTER the budget has been passed. This Board typically deals with small adjustments to spending. It's membership is controlled by the Senate President and the Speaker of the House and the Governor. In order to get the Board to expand Medicaid the Speaker had to swap out appointees to the Board to someone who would act against the legislature and do the Governors bidding. After the legislature said NO to Expanding Medicaid this Board took the unprecedented action of implementing it anyway, even the Plain Dealer's Kevin O'Brien wrote "In his quest for Ohio Medicaid expansion, Kasich borrows an end-run from Obama's playbook"

 It was a clear violation of "Separation of Powers". Matt Lynch along with six other State Representatives sued the Governor but the gutless Ohio Supreme Court let the unconstitutional move stand.
The result will be 13 Billion Dollars in Medicaid funds going to Hospitals and Health Insurance Companies in Ohio. Not one dime goes to patients. It is estimated that two thirds of those that will get Medicaid under the expansion already had medical insurance at work, but this allows the employers to cancel coverage so the taxpayer can provide Medicaid instead.
This is why the Ohio Hospital Association and the Chamber of Commerce love Obamacare.......Billions more in the system for the insurance companies and hospitals and less expense for employers...and by the way you can be sure a few millions of the Medicaid Expansion money will end up in the campaign fund of politicians who supported it.

Just wanted to fill you in on details so you can make up your own mind.

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