Sunday, November 3, 2013

Who Benefits? From Ancient Rome to Ashtabula, this is the Question.

by Monique Lawalek

In ancient Rome a  there lived a highly regarded consul, Lucius Cassius.  Cassius was held in high regard as a wise and honest judge and was known to repeat the phrase "Cui Bono?" Cui Bono means, As a Benefit to Whom? Cassius, known for his analytical and curious nature was always asking this question.  Whether he was investigating misconduct or exposing political corruption.

This simple concept still applies today especially when it comes to government.  Our government here in Ashtabula County is top heavy.  Taxes are not just going to pay for services for our communities. Our taxes are being used to fund governments bloated infrastructure.  Our taxes are being used to fund empty promises to voters to ensure continued tenure in office.

If Issue #1 YES to Charter prevails, Cui Bono?
Who Benefits?  The citizens of Ashtabula County do.

Day to day very little is likely to change for citizens. Residents will continue to enjoy the services they have but they will have a more accountable government, transparent and responsive to their changing needs. In this way we can enjoy a more sustainable government for ourselves and our children.

With NON PARTISAN ELECTIONS voters will enjoy a more civil discourse in the voting season. Regular people will have a motivation as well as a mechanism to run for office.  Right now we have to settle for the 'next crony in line' rammed down our throat by both political parties. 

By replacing the 3 part time commissioners with 7 PART TIME REPRESENTATIVES we will have more accessibility to those we have elected to represent us.  By voting for a representative who will go to the table to serve us citizens, we will regain a voting power lost in these past years where the commissioners consistently serve the areas where they receive the most votes.

NO MORE TAX INCREASES without a vote from the people. 

Real ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT which will increase the likelihood of children staying and working here in the county.

There are more benefits.  I urge you to read about them at

Now, If we leave the status quo, Cui Bono? Who Benefits? The bureaucrats and political parties do.

The machine will continue to suck money out of the taxpayers for their own benefit.  The bureaucrats will continue to use their positions to create positions paid for by the tax payers but with no benefit to the taxpayer.

The bureaucrats will continue to mortgage the fiscal future of this county for present personal gain.

We all know it is the political cronies who make the rules, not us. They will do what is to their benefit to maintain the status quo, to keep power and prevent the exposure of things they have done.

History is right here in front of us.  This Charter is a threat to the current political Party Rule in this county.  The system is fundamentally broken.  Take the political power and return it to the people. Make government more responsive to the concerns of citizens of Ashtabula County and this will bring about positive political and social change for everyone.

George Distel keeps telling everyone how complicated the Charter is.  He is hoping citizens will believe him and be dissuaded from reading it. Envision George reaching out to you in a big hug saying, "Don't worry guys, you don't have to read that, Uncle George will take care of you." 

The next time you hear someone tell you just vote no on issue #1, ask yourself  CUI BONO?  Who will benefit if the Charter fails?

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