Thursday, November 21, 2013

Willis Clay from Rock Creek speaks out

No this a not a play Browns would use on Sunday. It is a sad reflection of the
confidence the voters have in our present form of government in Ashtabula Co.
After 200 years, 66% of the voters did not think it was worth the time to vote to
keep it.

Over the last 4 years millions of dollars in roofing contracts have been awarded
to out of county or out of state companies. An out of county law firm was hired
to sell Nursing home beds. Then we learn it will cost more to replace the roof
than was received from sales of beds. County own property is managed by out
of county firm. Our commissioners gives abatement to out of county business
to move into the county. We trade 20-40 jobs coming into our county and lose
175 jobs not go out of the county.

This could go on for several pages but bottom line is we should look at our people
and business. We would find companies to do quality roof replacement and repair.
We would find attorneys to sell beds and also represent clients best interests in the
oil and gas leases. We would find good people to manage county property.

It is time for commissioners to represent the people who pay taxes and their salaries.
Now for the 34 % who are not the minority. I thank them for taking the time to vote.
Please don’t give up the right to vote. If the voting population continue to shrink, what
minority will rule our future generations. I also want to thank the Star Beacon for the
fairness in covering the two sides of the Charter. (It was a pleasant surprise)

Many of you know that I supported the Charter, You also know it did not pass. But it
did not fail. In the future every decision the commissioner make, they will know 6,000+
voted for the charter and 66% did think it was worth there time to vote against the

In my opinion the Charter committee has 3 options:

1. Regroup and came back as is.
2. Restructure and include the 66%.
3. ( my favorite ) a new party. A party that does not create poverty by out sourcing our jobs, manufacturing, resources and technology. A party that supports opportunity and prosperity.
A party that does not separate society in groups. But provides equal representation for all.
This will never happen, it is the dream of a silly old man of a time and place long gone and will never return.

Willis Clay
Rock Creek

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